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Spell of the Day

Jul 17, 2019

Fronstpansler is a first level abjuration spell with an hour duration and can only be cast on the self.  About eight fluid ounces of water are need for the spell. 

This spell of Norwegian origin places a field around the castor of frozen air measured at seventy-two degrees Kelvin or negative three-hundred-thirty...

Jul 14, 2019

Valse wolk is a level two illusion and contact spell with a day long duration. It requires a small piece of silk to be cast. 

Any object or creature can either be made to look magical or have its magical nature hidden.  While the spell does not change appearance, it can be useful when something or someone needs to be...

Jul 10, 2019

Loka malosi is a second level abjuration spell with an instant casting time and an infinite duration.  To be cast the castor must be in contact with the item they wish to enchant. 

If you ever want to lock something and rest easy knowing it will never be opened until you choose, then this spell is for you.  However,...

Jul 7, 2019

Paka pantasma is a level five evocation spell with an instant casting time, a range of one hundred twenty feet, and a duration of one minute.  The materials required are an egg shell and a snakeskin glove, the former of which is consumed by the spell.  The spell requires concentration to maintain. 

Paka pantasma

Jul 3, 2019

Portal is a level six conjuration spell with an instant cast time, a range of five hundred feet and a duration of up to ten minutes.  The spell requires concentration to maintain. 

While portal is a common word in the vernacular, it was not discovered as a spell until the fourteenth century.  It opens two circular...