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Spell of the Day

Aug 28, 2021

Pupuhi is a level four necromancy spell with a range of thirty feet.   

Pupuhi releases a blast of dark energy that evaporates water.  If cast upon a small plant, it will immediately wither and die having all its water drained from it.  Cast upon an adult, they will become dangerously dehydrated and need to...

Aug 25, 2021


Blaðamúr is a level six evocation spell with a range of ninety feet and a duration of up to ten minutes which requires concentration to maintain. 

Bladamur creates a wall of energy which is sharp to touch.  While there is not measure for sharpness, the energy from bladamur can score tempered steel. The...

Aug 21, 2021

Svarta tentacles is a level four conjuration spell with a range of ninety feet a duration of up to a minute an requires a piece of tentacle from either octopus or squid. 

If ever you find yourself being pursued and happen to have a tentacle in your pocket, you can summon a twenty square foot area of squirming, ebony...

Aug 18, 2021

Madichon is a level three necromancy spell requiring touch and concentration and has a duration of about a minute. 

Madichon clouds the mind, making thoughts and speech difficult.  It has nasty bonus of causing superficial necrotic skin damage to both the castor and the target at the place where contact is made

Aug 14, 2021

 Yeshou gan is a level two divination spell with a duration up to an hour and a range of touch. 

Yeshou gan is an ancient spell from China which allows one to share the senses of an animal.  For the duration, you can see, hear, taste, and touch whatever your target animal does.  The spell does not affect the animal...