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Spell of the Day

Jul 21, 2021

The spell of the day is animagi spelled A-N-I-M-A-G-I.  Animagi is an eighth level transmutation spell with an instant casting time, a range of thirty feet, and a duration that lasts if the castor can maintain both concentration and visual contact. 

Animagi allows you to transform others into beasts of any size while maintaining their own minds.  This spell is useful when you need to give a friend the strength of an ox or the stealth of a cat.  Be careful though as the person receiving the benefits of the spell may wish to disrobe before transforming as clothing is unaffected.  Should a large creature be the goal, a few burst seams may be an unexpected result. 

The use of animagi was often used on the battlefield to turn an enemy combatant into a much smaller creature which could be easily caught or dispatched.  This practice was eventually outlawed with the acceptance of international humanitarian law. 

As with all transmutation spells, permission must be given by all parties involved before casting.