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Spell of the Day

Jul 28, 2021


Evulekile is believed to have been discovered in Africa upon the Zulu people.  It is a ninth level necromancy spell which requires an hour to cast and a range of ten feet.  The spell does have a high cost, consuming both one hundred grams of gold and ten grams of silver.  In today’s money that is over four thousand US dollars.   

Before you judge this spell’s material requirement to be outlandish, first consider how powerful it is. 

Evulekile allows you and up to eight willing people within range to have your minds enter the astral plane.  The easiest way to understand this state is to think of yourself as a ghost now able to move through the world unbidden by physics.  You may fly across the globe or through it for that matter at the speed of thought.  The only limits to you in the astral plane would be a barrier to magical energy such as the one created by tuhinga Magi and an inability to interact with anything that is seen.   

While in the astral plane, you will see a silver cord that flows back to your physical body acting as a tether.  Should this cord somehow be cut death is instant. 

The spell ends when you actively dismiss it.  You do not need to return to your body before doing so.   

Special measures should be taken to protect your physical body while in the astral plane as you will be numb to its condition.   

The use of this spell for surveillance has been well documented in de-classified documents for decades.  But evulekile is invaluable for studies in geology and astronomy. 

There are currently twelve states including Texas and Ohio that ban all spell of this class.  Be sure to check local regulations before casting.